VANDWELLER GEAR: Voodoo Tactical MOLLE Military Style M3 Medical Bag Review

Consolidating my house into a van has been no small task. Getting everything from computers, kitchen, or vehicle maintenance paired down in a useful and accessible way has been difficult. On the path to independence, medical supplies and skills are a necessity. I don’t really need a big medical kit, but I do want to have anything from medications to wound treatments consolidated in one place, either for emergency or minor as-needed incidents.

To meet this need, I found that the Voodoo Tactical MOLLE-Compatible Military Style M3 Medic Bag did the trick. This bag came shipped for around $24, which is a surprising price considering the durability of the materials.

The bag has three compartments, which fold up nicely into a cubic shape secured by a beefy Fastex buckle.

The pouch has a handle for hand carry, a shoulder strap, and the MOLLE system for attachment inside a vehicle.

I have enough medical supplies in the bag to serve a pretty bad spill and dull the pain. I found that the small pouches hold around eight small bottles of pills and a couple small store boxes of other medicines. It also has enough room for many rubber gloves, band-aids, gauze, tape, and other wound wraps.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this item, since it consolidated all of my surplus medical supplies that I intend to carry on the road with me. At first, I thought the bag was too small for what I needed it for, but it fit everything that I could conceivably fix myself without the help of medical technicians. I have OTC pain ┬ámeds for just about any conceivable headache, fever, or illness crammed in it. All that and the price was just right.